Uncanny Books Status Update – January 22, 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve updated, but Uncanny Books is still alive and well, and a number of projects are in the works, several close to completion (and publication). Here’s where we stand:

Tales of Zo: We are very excited to announce that this collection of fairy tales is now available in both trade paperback and ebook versions (and as with all Uncanny Books’ publications, if you buy the trade paperback, you get the ebook for free). Check out all the details here.

Uncanny Classics: We will soon publish H. Irving Hancock’s 4-volume Conquest of the United States series in an omnibus edition with supplementary commentary and analysis. Anticipated completion: January 31. We will also begin publishing a series of omnibus editions of the Secret Service dime novels from the turn of the century. Each volume will include four novels. Anticipated completion: January 31.

Future projects: We have big plans for both the Uncanny Classics line as well as entirely new works. We are planning to publish a line of occult detective fiction from the Victorian and Edwardian eras to include all the essential works, including some material that has not been in print since the early 1920s. We have begun compiling a series of Yellow Peril fiction (this may go to multiple volumes) and a collection of future war and invasion literature from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (this too could become a multiple-volume series). We will also publish a collection of material related to the American war preparedness movement from the years leading up to U.S. involvement in World War I. We are very close to finalizing a contract for a collection of three linked horror novellas – we will make an announcement when we have signed contracts in hand. Assuming that all goes well on that front,k we should be ready to publish it in a month or two. There’s much more, but these projects will keep us busy for a while.

As Above, So Below by Ryan Rennik: This contemporary fantasy novel remains available in ebook and trade paperback versions. It continues to be a steady seller, but we would love to see some additional reviews – honest reviews genuinely seem to help sales.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a line at uncannybooks@gmail.com