The Chapman Books

ChapmanFront_webIt’s dangerous to be a doctor…

…Or a member of the Chapman family in this collection of three loosely tied together tales of the macabre by authors Aaron J. French, Erik T. Johnson, and Adam P. Lewis.

Aaron J. French starts this weird progression with “The Chapman Stain,” a kind of horrorized version of the nature vs. nurture debate. Is it genetics or is it demonic possession? The story moves quickly, with hints of both A Christmas Carol and The Exorcist lending touchstones to the proceedings. The story’s end is a heady blend of spiritualism and gore.

Erik T. Johnson’s “The Chapman Delirium” is a euphoric, phantasmagoric trippy trip through the world of a patent medicine called Etcetracaine. Johnson’s writing is, as always, mind-bendingly good, with passages you will read, stop, read again, then curse yourself for not having written.

And finally, the Chapman Family’s bad luck runs its course in Adam P. Lewis’ “The Chapman Remains,” a horrific tale of revenant corpses and life-draining ghouls. Lewis manages a shivery Fall of the House of Usher feeling throughout, which gives this tale of grave disturbance and…well…grave disturbances a nice depth.

“Interesting to see what three talented authors can do with a shared-world theme, The tales are different enough to hold your interest completely, but tethered enough to each other that they lend some deeper, more twisted meaning to their companion pieces. Highly recommended!” — John F.D. Taff, author of Little Deaths

Available now in ebook and trade paperback versions (and if you buy the paperback, you get the ebook for free!)

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