Tales of Zo

zo-ebook_newWe have just published a new collection of fairy tales: Tales of Zo.

Once Upon a Time, in the Zantabulous Land of Zo…

Hunters face vindictive fairies, Living Confections and Talking Animals roam the land, witches cast curses to thwart True Love, and heroes of every stripe confront the Gray Wind, Death-on-Four-Legs — Shaykosch, the Wolf-King. Will they find the Happily Ever Afters that they seek? Turn the page and see!

Uncanny Books is proud to present a collection of original fairy tales based on the setting and characters initially developed in Chad Underkoffler’s Zorcerer of Zo role-playing game, published by Atomic Sock Monkey Press. Despite being retold again and again, something about fairy tales always remains fresh and new, uniting the ordinary and the extraordinary in wonder.

This volume includes fairy tales from:

Andrew Byers
Michaelbrent Collings
Michael Hill
Scott Kane
Chad Underkoffler
Jon F. Zeigler

Come, enter the Tales of Zo, and follow the zantabulous journeys within!

Available in ebook and trade paperback versions. As with all of Uncanny Books’ published works, buy the paper version and get the ebook for free!

Reviews of Tales of Zo:
Review by Scott Slemons